Monday, April 10, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

Hey everyone! We are making movie trailers, and our team is very excited about this project! To start off, we all planned out a few ideas and presented them to our group. All together, we chose my plan. I had the idea of a trailer about a girl who is chosen and wakes up in a futuristic world. Why is she chosen? How did she move into the new world? Watch the trailer to find out. ;) We all took the initial idea and added a lot to it. We came up with details that will contribute to the trailer and make it great. We all planned out where we would film, what shots we would use, and what our script would be. Can't wait to show you all the finished product! :)

In this project, we had many successes, but with success there is challenges, and we definitely had our share of them. The hardest part to accomplish on this video was finding time to meet up and get the perfect shots. Since our video was based in the ocean, we had to figure out a creative way to showcase the scenes and make the shots stable. We had to redo most of our shots a few times to get the perfect ones. Our main success was definitely editing. Once we had our shots in order, we cut them to the beat so the final product would be more intriguing. We also had good lighting which made the video even more interesting.

We learned many things in this assignment. We learned to plan ahead and always be prepared. Knowing what to do made our video a lot easier to make. Our critique results showed that we mostly met our expectations. For creativity, we did great. Some parts of our video were weak, but most of the parts were flawless. This was a very fun project and I thought our team did great!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

P1T5 Metamorphosis from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

The goal of this animation project is to have a character change into something completely different. Our story is about a selfish unicorn that realizes what other people think about him. He always steels food, so a magical rock turns him hungry. After a while of being hungry, he realizes that what he has done is horrible and rude. He finally finds a way to give back. We used PhotoShop and stop motion animation in our video. It took a while to draw everything out but once we got the hang of it, it was easy!
Our focus statement was Unicorn Transform Attitude. We chose this because the unicorn completely changes his attitude in life, from a negative to a positive attitude. The first scene shows that Gwynn takes all of the herds fruit and moves it into a private spot just for him. The second scene is when the herd finds Gwynn and starts yelling at him for always stealing the food. The third scene is when Gwynn sneaks away with the food again and starts eating it. This time, he hears a faint shouting and looks down to find a magical rock. The fourth scene is when the magical rock explains to Gwynn that he has been leaving the herd hungry. The rock turns Gwynn starving for a few seconds to show him what the herd feels like all the time. He then tells the unicorn that his attitude should change and that he should be selfish anymore. The fifth scene consists of Gwynn asking the rock to turn him into a apple tree to give back to all of his herd members. Gwynn gets his wish granted by the magic rock. The sixth and last scene is when Gwynn stays an apple tree forever and gives back to his herd by feeding them and being less selfish. Our plot is when Gwynn the unicorn finally realizes that he has been very rude to the entire herd, and changes his appearance and attitude to be nice and give back to the herd.

The critique went very well for our team. A lot detail and thought that was put into our video. We took time to draw things out so it would look as realistic as possible. Our score for clarity and message was 3.7/4. Our score for the visual part was 3.7/4. Our score for creativity was 3.6/4. Last, our overall score for the entire video was 3.8/4. We did really great on this project!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Geometric Portraits

I believe that facial expressions are and are not universal for many reasons. I think this because there are many facial expressions that mean the same thing and many that mean different things. I think it all depends on the people and their culture. They learn what certain facial expressions represent and it could possibly change throughout their life, especially if they move to a different culture. Even though their is a possibility of facial expressions meaning different things throughout various cultures, I think they usually mean the same thing. Most of the time they have the same effect on people because they are getting to know other cultures and ways.

When I was creating this project, it took a lot of time and focus. There were two different ways we did this project, this is the first way we learned. There are a few steps that you need to complete to make your portrait look awesome. First, you need to take a portrait and upload it into PhotoShop. Then, you use the line tool to create triangles. For the big spaces in the face, you can use big triangles, and for the small more detailed places, you use small triangles. Next, you use the polygonal lasso tool to select the triangle. Last, you go to filter, blur, average, and it turns the selection into one averaged color. You can also choose your own color if you aren't happy with the averaged color it chooses for you. Repeat the last 2 steps until you are finished, add a few different color overlays if you want, and then show off your cool project!

My poly 1 and poly 2 images are very different. My poly 1 was the first time I have ever tried this project. My face isn't really bright, and I have no hair. I should have fixed the lighting and done my ponytail to make it look more realistic. But for my first time, it is pretty good. I stuck to my outline which makes it look more organized, and the colors of my face are pretty close to the picture. I think my poly 2 is a lot better. The colors are more vibrant and it looks a lot more realistic. The hair and mouth look real, but I could have fixed the chin line because it is a little hard to see where it ends. Overall, both images look realistic, but I think my poly 2 is a lot more interesting, colorful, and eye-catching.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

MarvinW_Retime from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Nature impacts my life in many ways. It keeps me calm and sane. I love being outside and in nature because I learn new things every time. I like to walk around and look at all the animals. I like to be outside with my family and friends because it makes me feel happy and thankful for what I have. I also like to watch the sunset because there are so many colors. Nature makes me think about my life and the things that I can do to improve the world.

Time lapses and slow-mos can be created a few different ways. The ways we use are by recording in that specific mode or editing it later. If you record in time lapse or slow-mo mode, you usually don't have to edit the clips as much after. If you record normally, you have to go into an editing app to change the speed. I think it is easier to edit the clips in an editing app so you can choose the specific speed you want it at.

I think the hardest part of this assignment was getting the perfect shot. I had to worry about so many things: the horizon line, lighting, people, stability, rule of thirds, timing. All those components are what makes a stunning shot. I had to have my camera set up flawlessly before I started recording so I wouldn't be rushing. The best part of this project was getting to sit in nature and watch everything that goes on. There are so many amazing things that happen in nature and it is so cool to watch.

I agree with my results. I believe I got some 3's because of a few reasons. Some of my shots were shaky and blurry. Also, my text layers could have been edited more so they would match the color scheme. This project was really fun and I hope we get to do one like it again!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Poetry can mean many things. I think poetry is a way to express yourself through words. In poetry, you can show your feelings and thoughts and describe them through a rhythmic way. You can make your poetry almost sound like a song by making it flow with ideas. People can sometimes relate to poems in many ways. To me, poems you can relate to make them much stronger.

I love to explore
I learn everywhere I go and I teach what I know
Every step I take, I feel rejuvenated
All the paths I travel,
All the roads I take,
Makes me as free as can be

I used rhyme many ways and for many reasons in my poetic statement. I made the last part of most of the sentences rhyme so it would make it flow better. I used rhythm and rhyme in my poetic statement to make my poem more intriguing and natural. I love to read poems and poetic statements that use rhythm and rhyme because it makes them so much more interesting. I usually get lost in reading them if they use really good and unique rhythm and rhyme.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Music Video Finale

P2T6 Focus from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Hey guys! This is our last project of the year and it is definitely the most fun. We are making music videos and we get to chose our groups and our song. My group is Jaesha and Ella and we chose the song Focus by Ariana Grande. Our storyline relates to our lyrics in many ways. We interpret the song as a self-confidence booster. The lyrics say that the people can talk bad stuff about us but we won't listen to them. If someone has something negative to say about us, we don't listen to them because we are happy with ourselves. The lyrics relate to our storyline because we act confident and happy in the shots. We don't care for any hurtful things people have to say about us because we are confident and focus on ourselves.

In this video, we has many fast edit montage sequences. One of my favorite was when we took one shot and switched it up back and forth to another shot to make it look like a moving shot. One of my other favorites was when we switched from a storyboard shot to a lip sync shot. This was really fun to edit because we got to choose how fast it changed or what we showed on it. It also was hard to edit because the shots were so close together that we could barely move them.

This music video showcases our best work this year because we can be creative with it. We are allowed to choose our own song and we can make up what we want to show in the video. We plan to spend a lot of time editing our video and making a PhotoShop document to put in. We are making the video fun and fast with clips that switch quickly. The PhotoShop document is going to show our best work because we are using almost all the techniques we learned throughout the year.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Animated Life Lessons

Hey everyone! My team and I just finished an animation project for our G.T. class. My teammates were Malia Alo, Kiana Dea, and Micah Miller. Malia's character traits are happy and adventurous. She always wants to discover new things. In our animation, she is the one that convinces me to go into the forest where we meet Kiana and Micah. Kiana's character traits are cheerful and magical. In our animation, Kiana can grant wishes and always keeps people from being sad. Micah is shy and funny in our animation. He tells jokes and overcomes his shyness with the help of Malia and I.

In our story, humor was shown a couple times. When Micah enters the talent show, he tells a few jokes that gets the audience to laugh. Also, some of the things we say in the animation are funny. The message of our story is to always help no matter what. It shows that you should always help people even if you don't get anything in return because it will help someone no matter what. People need to be happy and care about other people besides themselves, and if they do that, you will get positive things in return.

This project was definitely different because we had to be on a team with people we have never worked with before. Honestly, I did not like this method. I feel that our team didn't work together and didn't do their job. When we had a deadline, some teammates were not even close with their scene that they had to do, which made it stressful because we had finish it as soon as possible. The work was split evenly in the beginning, but with some people not doing their job, it ended up to be the total opposite. That was probably the biggest challenge, having to do all of the work so last minute and not working as a team. I think the best moment during production was planning what our animation should be about. We had many ideas and we were able to put it into one video. Hope you like it!

Movie Trailer Premier

Hey everyone! We are making movie trailers, and our team is very excited about this project! To start off, we all planned out a few idea...